December 29th, 2003

knitting sketch

Listed - finally

My article finally went up on BAPS

Did I get as big a thrill out of that than out of a real book? Bigger! I got more feedback about that little article than the book that's already sold over 600 copies.

Most of the XP nightmare seems to be over, although I forked out $40 for an upgrade to my Power DVD software and it still won't display DVDs. I'm stuck with Real Player or (god help me) Windows Media Player. Perhaps the Power DVD will be feeling better after a good night's sleep. (Like the sound drivers) If not, I want a refund!

Cracking on with the long fic. It's developed a life of its own. Ethan Rayne decided he had a part to play in it last night, so I may well write him in later today.

Back to uploading all the XP versions of stuff. (MSN Messenger disappeared on me)
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knitting sketch

Calling my American friends

I need to know the kind of thing that happens at an American (Arena) Football match. Am I right in thinking that they are family-friendly events? What do the watchers do? What do they eat and drink at the match? -I'm sending Spike to watch a game.

Enforced use of laptop was of some use. I wrote a lot yesterday.

Here's what's probably the finished version of

chapter 1.
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