November 4th, 2003

knitting sketch

Sod's law - or is it Murphy's?

Decided to stitch a little something for Christmas for jennylyle using the threads left over from MWNN's birthday wall hanging. The colours are so vibrant. So, finishing off the background, I'm getting dangerously low on that particular colour. No probs, I think, I have another skein in my workbag. - WRONG

I've now run out, so I'll have to brave the roadworks into town tomorrow to get more. Going in via the Diversion will add about 5 miles to a 1.5 mile journey, but - hey - that's what one does for fiends friends.

And irishnoodles I've given you the promised new icons so make a post on this entry and try them out. You will need to select from the drop-down box labelled picture to use