October 22nd, 2003

knitting sketch

Into every day a little rain must fall

Had a fruitful day, thanks to willowfae Sorted out my free webspace thingy and have found where my home-page is located. Also downloaded a rather nifty ftp package that simplifies things and allows me to view the contents of my hard drive and my homepage at the same time.

Also had a great time watching JW's commentary of OMWF, the making of OMWF and the episode itself, all in one day.

But have just discovered that my good Ozzie chum tubbyk is returning to Oz next Tuesday. That news came as a bolt from the blue; she's packing as I write this and sob I'm going to miss her. She's kept me sane, polly and Spuffy when all hope seemed to have faded on many many long nights, waiting for news. But, a girl has to earn her crust, and it is a job offer that has her returning to the land of XXXX

Good luck Tubbyk - going to miss ya ducks to avoid flying Fosters cans (Give my love to Sidney)
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