August 26th, 2003

knitting sketch

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Not much to report really.

Back to near-normal routine.

Stitched some more; the wall hanging is nearing completion and should be ready for assembly on return to France.

Drove the blood pressure up from an impressive 120/76 yesterday to (no let's not admit to how high it's gone again) by installing PhotoPlus 6.5 and trying to learn how to use the animation feature to create my first animated avi. Have given up for now, in the interest of my health and MWNN's safety.

jennylyle got your long e-mail - will reply soon I promise.

Chatted on-line last night for a while until Internet Explorer got stroppy and froze my pc. Hi lovely xxmessalinaxx and rbabe1 Sorry about the toe thread - 'twas all my fault, I admit it.
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