June 22nd, 2003

cruising log

Sunday 15th June - Toul Stopover

Sunday 15th

Well, what a hardship today turned out to be. Having decided to leave for the UK after the dog’s vacination on Monday eve, we have to consume that which will not travel home with us. I had a half bottle of Mumms waiting to be consumed as we entered Strasburg. Unwilling to let it suffer in the heat of a sealed boat for a few weeks, I popped it in the frigo when MWNN had succeeded in assembling the new barbecue and had lit the charcoal with oil flavoured with herbs de provence. The Mumms was at a perfect temperature by the time the porc echine and chipolatas were cooked through. We spent a perfect afternoon under the shade of three willows (the sun umbrella had been blown into the canal during yesterday’s storm). Sipping champagne, moving on to an equally perfectly-chilled Vire Clese (Macon Villages blanc), and eating a wonderful late lunch that ended with some great goat’s cheese for me and Compte (age 18 mois, monsieur) for MWNN. This is what cruising in France should be about all the time!
cruising log

Ain't technology great when it works?

Spent the day on Internet and computer work. While away, and at the mercy of cybercafes, I experienced great difficult collecting mail from my main mail server. The daughter did some vodoo with her unix server down in the depths of SW London, and , lo an behold, I could now collect my mail through her facility. But, hold hard Horatio, what's this? 16 copies of the same e-mail? Someone's been at the bottle and hit return too many times? . . no . . need to change from the pop to the imap (whatever they might be!) All better now, . . except . . can't dial in the usual way, have to set up a new dial up connection, bi-passing the ISP's 'automatic' mail collection via pop. . . got it? . . . Right , so what you're saying is that Ben has some sort of connection with Glory? thwack!

Rest of the technology time, uploaded more French cruising pics. Just for you, Dot, a couple of glimpses of MWNN (I can't believe that gave you sleepless nights! - so you must have missed the Van Cleef reference on the Friday 13th log from Toul?)

A selection of the pics taken during 4 weeks of cruising.
first leg, Pont de Vaux Canal and the Saone

Soane canal section

Epinal pics - checkout the wonderful 'ball' fountain/light

Epinal to Toul