June 21st, 2003

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MWNN returned safely, with car, and very early too! By the time this entry is posted, I should be back in the UK and able to update my LJ personally.

Storms in France are amazing; I’m sitting in the boat, with the lights on because it is so dark and the rain is bouncing so hard that it is rebounding in off the open hopper-window glass. I hear the sounds of the sapeurs and pompiers sirens but, apart from those, the only noise comes from the storm itself. witch_wolf the first attempt at a photo resulted In magnified raindrops all over the lense, (and I was under cover on the front deck at the time). The second attempt is somewhat better and is posted here on the narrowboat in France site

Half an hour later, and the storm is over; the temperature is now bearable and we can think about leaving the dogs in the boat and going off for a spot of shopping in the Cora hypermarket. But, hold hard, what is this I spy MWNN? . . . an American flag on a Dutch barge just coming out of the lock.This is the first American boat we have seen this season, crewed by Bill and Frances (he from Arkensas, she from Kansas)
knitting sketch

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Have just returned from driving MWNN into London for his Founder's Day address marking the 400th anniversary of the death of Queen Elizabeth I MWNN was quite the philistine before he became Headmaster of Queen Elizabeth's School, Barnet. Finding himself presiding over a school that was over 400 years' old and having in his possession the original copy of the school's charter, signed by Elizabeth herself, has quite cured him of his heathen views on the value of history.

As I drove back, I was amazed by how beautiful the green belt around London was looking in the morning sunshine. The roads were empty, by UK standards, and I reflected once again at how priviledged I am to live in this part of the country and, despite all the gripes about how expensive, crowded, and wet England is, I love it!

On a more mundane note, I have just watched the penultimate episode of BtVS (a big thank you to willowfae for taping the final episode and forwarding the CDs from catsyj - they arrived safely yesterday.)

Was I mistaken, yesterday, willowfae? Did Sky1 viewers vote Angel as their favourite Buffy guy? And did Giles come in as runner-up? Waaah, where's the blond Champion then? Perhaps he'll be on tonight's episode featuring 'Buffy's Buddies'?

ETA just had it all explained to me - yes, SKY1 viewers voted for Angel in 'Amends' as their favourite Buffy Boy and their favourite episode. But no Giles was not the tunner-up (apparently they're airingtwo different things at the moment; straight-forward re-runs; favourite Buffy's Buddies. Spike was runner-up and Smashed will air tonight. (not my favourite episode I have to say, but a girl will watch whatever Spikey goodness she is offered at the moment!)
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