June 20th, 2003

knitting sketch

Friday 13th (yes I know it's a week late - the trials of cybercafes)

Friday 13th
Not superstitious or anything, but . . MWNN left at 8am to travel with 2 boaties to Lyon in their hire car (when even the French don’t trust their trains there is something very wrong!). The couple are Noel and Jacqueline Van Damm; my frazzled mind confused the name with Van Cleef and I had visions of the MWNN from ‘a fistful of dollars’ travelling with ‘the bad guys’ *chortle*

And so, we will return to the UK for about 10 days. I have booked the dogs in with the vet for Monday ‘soir’, and quite surprised myself with ability to manage the arrangements in French, on the phone. Reading all those BTVS magasines in French have certainly improved my use of the language, although I have not, as yet, had the need to use my new vocabulary (the French word for ‘snot’ – don’t ask – I have been reading the French version of the episode in which Giles is turned into a demon and Spike explains about the demon’s ‘special powers!)