June 19th, 2003

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Toul stopover

3pm - We have just had another short thunderstorm with heavy rain that was so short it has done nothing to reduce the temperature but has succeeded in raising the humidity levels that are very uncomfortable when one is taking the maximum dose of asthma medication and yet still struggling.

The weather is so debilitating, the dogs are suffering, my asthma is barely under control in the heat,and the planned journey home for MWNN so fraught with complications (the strikes, leaving me stranded in an unbearably hot boat in a port with little shade) that we are looking at ‘alternative plan B). As usual, a little bit of lateral thinking on my part has come up with a reasonable idea. MWNN goes back to Pont de Vaux, collects the car and then we all bugger off back home this weekend. The ‘problem’ of ‘resident outlaws’ is one that will have to ve overcome, but we have some ideas about that too!

Our usual ‘home in the UK for August’ is thereby ‘brought forward’ to June, and we return to continue our cruise to Strasburg and then back to our moorings in P de V. We shall see if that works out as we hope! I have an ‘appointment with a health farm’ in August (what do you mean - I don't need a health farm, I've just been cruising in France for 6 weeks someone hasn't been paying attention to my LJ entires have they now, eh? )I should be able to return alone, leaving MWNN and dogs in P de V where he will have the use of the car and will not be stranded in a strange port.
knitting sketch

You don't need to be in France to capture this

Walked the dogs late today, after a French lunch of hot goat's cheese salad and bread fresh from the home bakery machine. As we were walking yesterday, we were awed by the sight which greeted us as we parked beside our favourite walk across farmland; the wheat fields are full of poppies . I couldn't resist taking the camera with me today and getting a few shots of a scene I have been trying to capture in France for the last 4 years; - here it is, right on our doorstep.

Will start to upload the pics taken during the last 6 weeks to the 'Narrowboat in France' site, later today. Will probably do it 'one waterway at a time', beginning with the Pont de Vaux Canal and Soane. It is still hot and humid here, though I noticed that the meteo for Toul has much cooler weather until next week when the hot weather returns.
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Uploading photos from the first half of the French cruise

Having read some of my LJ friends' recent entries, I realise just how much I have to be thankful for. As I look through the photos I took on the cruise, the pleasurable aspects of the trip far outweigh the niggling irritations and uncomfortable aspects of being aboard.

So, for you, meallanmouse, I have posted the photos of the baker in Verdun les Doubs at work on the Feast of St Honore. I am just sorry that you cannot smell the freshly-baked bread but I hope the pics cheer you up a little.

witch_wolf this just about captures the awesome nature of the 'barrage' (weir) at Gray.

For those interested in the first waterway of the cruise (The Saone), the photos begin here, and run to 2 pages.

More pics tomorrow.