June 7th, 2003

knitting sketch

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In Epinal’s only Internet Café which is quite a walk from the port but I am waiting for a wash to go through at the launderette. The bloody machine has already thrown a wobbly and is taking an age to load up webmail so I'll update my LJ while I wait.

Had a haircut as the wash went through _ a really really short one. Now waiting for the drying machines to do their stuff on the bedding.

It’s still mightily hot and what with the lock-keeper’s lightening strikes and Whit weekend coming up, we decided to stay on here for another few days. Visited the museum d’imagerie yesterday (the print factory where everything is still done by hand. It was fascinating to read the French version of the Battle of Waterloo on the large hand-coloured poster produced in the late 1800s. I knew, of course, that the French maintain that Napoleon did not lose at Waterloo; what I didn’t realise was that they maintain it was only because Wellington ‘cheated’ that he defeated the French. (again the logic escapes me but I find it very amusing!) Perhaps meallanmouse can explain it to me as you are closer to the French psyche than I am?

I am missing my LJ friends something rotten, GOTR has cancelled its planned concert in Paris, I’ve left the CD ‘Mad Brilliant’ at home in the PC and brought the empty box away with me, and as for not having seen the last 5 episodes of BtVS yet, I’m still cross! MWNN is returning to UK at the end of this month but because the outlaws have been in almost constant residence during our absence, there is no need for me to go home until the end of July. (Whinge, moan, mumble mutter!!!) I can’t even do any stitching because MWNN would see it (and anyway it’s too hot, sweaty hands + silk = mess.) I did, however, find some lovely broad silk ribbon to use as a border for the hanging in a little embroidery shop here in town.