June 5th, 2003

knitting sketch

Corre stopover

Completed the laundry and did all those 'housekeeping chores' that can only be achieved with shore power, including making some new mosquito screens for the windows. Couldn't re-provision the boat as the shops are all closed, it being Ascension Thursday; thank goodness we shopped at the farm yesterday! Will have to do the stocking-up before departure tomorrow, up the flight of automatic locks.

We've been cruising for 2 weeks now and have been impressed time and again with the splendour of the Saone valley. We now move on to the canal and face many 'flights' of locks and hard days' cruising at the mercy of the attendant lock-keeper who will accompany us. We have to remember to book a lock keeper 24 hours in advance for one section; I just know this is going to cause us a problem! - we're not great on 'planning ahead' before we know whether we will want to explore a stpover or not; - well, who is? - silly question in these here parts - the Germans of course!