June 2nd, 2003

knitting sketch

Wild morring outside Soing to Scey sur Soane

Another cold, drizzly and very windy day. Pulled in to the restaurant 'deux ports' at Scey's Locaboat marina and had a very good late lunch. MWNN had a half bottle of the local vin de pays (a pinot noire with the taste of burnt rubber so beloved of the burgandy fans.)

Had a lovely conversation with a vielle madame who lived in an ancient maison with a Rapuzel tower. She had planted the base of the tower with a border of blue shrubs, geraniums and another wonderfully feathery flower whose name I couldn't remember. She told me it was called 'bluet' (sounded like that but seems a tad antipodean to me - I thought it was a Californian something or other; anyway, she gave me a seed pod to plant 'en Angleterre'.) Looked up 'bluet' = cornflower.