May 24th, 2003

knitting sketch

Reasonably priced internet access - Gray is forgiven!

Just a quickie, main log is on its way to my LJ-sitter extraordinaire!

Congratulations to willowfae on gaining her place on the graduate teacher-training scheme. Hope all goes well and lives up to your expectations.

Condolences to qkellie; two blows to the psyche in one week. Fingers crossed for the next job opportunity.

meallanmouse - thanks ever so for the CDs; MWNN has forbidden me to play them in his company, he says he will send you some proper Irish music (The Chieftans) when he returns to Blighty - I'm trying to disuade him - they're not my idea of music at all!
knitting sketch

Chalons sur Soane to Verdun les Doubs

Bloody expensive mooring last night at Chalons, 11 Euro (almost as much as the Paris Arsenal). Why do they charge by the length of the boat, when the pontoons are never more than half the length of the boat? I will never understand the logic!

Il pleut aujourd-hui; - The Meteo got it badly wrong. Mais, après midi, encore le soleil.