March 22nd, 2003

knitting sketch


There are evil gremlins afoot in the house. All the electrical equipment had re-set itself, yesterday - a sign of a power failure. Yet the trip-switches were all ok. This indicates a power-cut at some stage. Fine,* solve problem by re-setting all timers and programs.* - Carry on regardless!

Noooo - go to Big Freezer in the utility room to take out fish for supper. Notice the washing machine has stopped mid-cycle, notice the socket switch is in the off position. Think MWNN must have stopped it mid-cyle by switching it off. Switch it on again. Open freezer that is next to the washing machine. Everything has de-frosted. Must have been the power-cut. oh no it wasn't That socket switch is in the off position too. No power-cut on earth could be that clever. (MWNN absolutely, categorically, denies switching anything orf.)

Result of freezer-disaster - marathon cooking session yesterday;

2 fish dinners (now in fully working, fully frozen freezer)- oooh alliteration - cool. (pun - god I'm getting silly - )
One huge chicken awaiting dismembering and putting into those oh-so-useful foil trays, ready for freezing.
a tray-full of chicken drumsticks oven-baked ready for lunches for the next three days. (bleh - ah well no need to make any decisions I suppose.)
a side of rib of beef awaiting roasting for tonight's dinner.

Had to bin a lot of other stuff because there wasn't time/no room in oven/couldn't be bothered to be creative enough to devise a method of cooking and freezing liver and sausages. (God I hate to waste food.)
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