March 8th, 2003

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Paris update and LJ problems

Feeling better today - thanks to my lovely LJ friends soulvamp and firewillow, who cheered me out of my bored mood yesterday. I have some pretty new icons (favourite one used here today)and have uploaded most of the Paris trip pics to my website.

So, more on Paris; - it turned out to be quite a gastronomical treat. Without trying too hard we found some fabulous places for lunch each day. (except Saturday, the day of the *mumble mumble*th anniversary. We forgot, totally that the L'Encriere would be closed at weekends. I had one massive sulk at having to traipse around the wet streets of the Bastille area looking for an alternative. (You can tell I was building up to it in the photo can't you? We had found this lovely little place in the Bastille area, courtesy of Lonely Planet, in 2000 when we had the boat in the Arsenal for a week. It is patronised by the business people of the area. We then trudged the streets in the rain and ate in a brasserie that charged exorbitant prices for very ordinary food.

The disastrous anniversary lunch in no way detracted from the other wonderful meals we had; at the Relais St. Paul, close to the St Paul Metro - we found this purely by accident; at The Sorlut close to Sacre Coeur - we had found this by accident in January; at Le Pecheur Martin, out on the Marne - we knew of this from our earlier cruises; and, finally, the one that required a mortgage to pay the bill, in Le Touquet - we did something we'd never done before, entered without checking out the menu on the board outside.

We have commented to people we meet on our travels that the restaurant food in France has often disappointed over the years. The standards seem to have remained static for over 20 years, whereas in England they have improved year on year. Well, not in Paris on this trip. Apart from the brasserie disaster, every meal provoked MWNN to do his 'can I marry the chef now' routine. (causing not inconsiderable consternation when he dismisses the fact that the chef is male - shades of the final lines from Some Like it Hot - Parisians have no sense of humour when it comes to food.)

Don't be deceived by this entry - eating was not the only thing in which we indulged during the week. More tomorrow. It has taken me far too long to update my RL LJ today. I have been trying to set an e-mail address for the AE LJ and have not succeeded in getting any of my test comments to appear in the inbox of said e-mail account. I gave up before resorting to the trusty Troll Hammer approach. Hope I can sort it by the time I launch my sock.
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