February 7th, 2003

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Had lots of fun playing with my new facilities. No time for anything else.

MWNN landed safely and now in the bosom of the Irish family.

BtVS was OK tonight - 'Help' was more psychological than usual - only one demon to slay and, right on cue - our favourite vamp appeared looking remarkably together and bearing a torch. So many different torches - such imagery is not lost on the audience. So, Buffy has learned that she can't fix everything hmmmm
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knitting sketch

Weirdness abounds


What with the weirdness that is Wacko Jacko

I had a strange experience last night on chat. There are some ladies out there, who shall remain nameless, who are so besotted of a fanged fictitional character that they 'adopted' me as their Mum. It seems I am one of the few Spike-loving-Mums to have come out publicly and declared their devotion. A few happy moments spent with the new family suddenly turned into the wee small hours of the morning, with no MWNN to restrain me.

So I paid for it severely by being very hung-over through lack of sleep. I have to get down to the serious business of some design work for MWNN's birthday present. The silk is giving me real problems as it is so difficult to keep taught and prevent puckering. I'm pleased with the design and love the colours I'm working with but the old eyes are suffering in the gloomy light we have here at the moment. Must make the best of MWNN's absence to work in daylight.

And Tubbyk - start that story - I'm relying on you to take the kick-off. Chapter 1 by the time you get back from Germany! (Oh and rapiers on the lawn about how it will end.)

No season 6 Buffy last night - the Beeb, in its wisdom, showed snooker instead!
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