February 4th, 2003

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No change

Well, even after de-installing and reinstalling Power DVD, the sound problems persist. No, that's not true - the DVD plays LOTR beautifully now AND it's ok with my CDs; the problem seems to lie elsewhere. The BtVS clips are still piss poor and, given that the lighting isn't brilliant on this week's ep. I'm having a bit of a struggle (and they gave Spike so many wonderful lines of dialogue; this week didn't they *raise eyebrow*. I mean, come on, honestly now, how many different ways can the poor bloke deliver "aaaaaargh"?.) Suppose I should just give up and wait for the episodes to air on Sky 1. But, then again, I am such a greedy, impatient type.

Read Qkellie's unfinished fanfic based on Tab Ras last night. Put me in a really good mood. More - I say.

SNOW - we've had some more - very pretty out here in the country. The sainted daughter also reports that it's pretty in town too.
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knitting sketch

Quaking again here

<b>football-playing nun</b>

So, was putting the finishing touches to the presentation I'm doing on 22nd and did a Google search for the old Headmistress. Look what turned up on the web. A photo on the Man. United website. It's a screen cap. from the biography that the BBC did for George Best's 50th birthday. So many old girls from the school froze, did a quick check of length of skirt and fringe (bangs for you readers in the U.S.)removed gum from their mouths and sat perfectly still with their hands demurely folded and when they heard her voice coming from the television. The woman still had the power to make us quake after all these years. It's so sad to think that's she's a shadow of her former self, thanks to crippling back pain. It was good that she got to see the history of the school published before she deteriorated.
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