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St Jean de Losne

We needed to do more provisioning, fill up with water and take on a new gas tank before leaving so decided to spend another night here and head back down to Seurre bright and early on Friday. We turned the boat and moored her bows inwards to the access pontoon (the mooring pontoon is not long enough that both ends of the boat can be tied alongside) It's necessary to have the bows alongside the pontoon as the gas locker is forward of the cratch board and even MWNN finds it perilous to lift a full gas tank over the bows while perched on 4 inches of gunnels. The water tank is also in the bows and the hose is not quite long enough to run from the tap, along the access pontoon and over 45 feet of roof.

After another mammoth supermarket shop, we stopped for lunch, much debating whether to eat ashore at L'Amiral (where le patron tells each diner what they will have for their meal) or buy a baguette and eat aboard p- the bread won! As we came to the end of lunch (ham salad with a large pot of tea owing to the inclement weather), a group of teenage schoolchildren appeared in front of the bows - Robert (H2O's boat broker who has lived over here for over 20 years) was giving them a guided tour and stopped to explain all about the Bateau Etroit Anglais (English narrowboat)
The girls were more interested in petting the 'beautiful little dog' (killer terrier) and asked me 'how much dogs 'ave you?' Loony GSD was asleep on the back deck and out of sight of the visitors.

The decision to delay our departure was deemed a good thing as the heavens opened just as we took the dogs for their after lunch stroll and we were all thoroughly soaked. Thanked the PtB for the cratch facility to hang the sopping raincoats, and the shore power for the use of the new little electric heater to dry all crew members. MWNN has just disappeared with his empty gas tank to purchase a replacement and I have been given strict instructions to 'lift the teabags from the pot'. I hope he returns soon as I need to start cooking the dinner. There was pintade (guinea fowl) on special offer at the supermarket, making it cheaper than similar sized chicken, and I intend to cook my classic pintade pot roast with petit pois and carrots. I bought MWNN more Roquefort to go with the fine wines he's sampling at the moment and there is a small piece of Pyranese Chevre for me. I'm planning to have a birthday meal on board on Sunday as it is likely that we shall be doing the large jump from Gerky to Chalon that day and we do not intend to eat out in Chalon again; the planned meal Table de Fanny didn't materialise last Saturday, every restaurant was 'complet' apart from Chez Margot at which I am convinced we were fleeced. Apart from a very good bottle of 2003 Chenas, a very ordinary meal that we had for a third of the price in Tournous, cost us over 90 Euros. I have purchased some ready prepared beuf bourgignon, potato gratin and a bottle of my favourite Champagne from Epernay.
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