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Got a lot done!

Todays' to-do list

1. Walk dogs - check (in downpour - more below+)

2. Shop for supplies - and restock the Pimms and Lavendender soak - check (drove the pretty way through my favourite village - more below*)

3. More stitching of MWNN's pressie - check (coming along but still lots to do.)

4. Contact MWNN to tell him not to buy new bag/sack he promised. - No contact - ma-in-law's phone still on the blink, ( suspect she's deliberately left it off the hook. Soldier-boy brother-in-law said he'd spoken to MWNN two night's ago.)

+ got drenched, hence the need to replenish supplies at 2

* sceninc route to shopping centre takes me through Willian When I grow up, I'm going to have a cottage there, with a little picket fence, and a donkey in the padock and . . . fearsclave, can you see the pond where you can night fish just opposite The Fox Pub?

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