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As a Dodo - as in 'dead as'

The summer cruise is officially cancelled. We may take a short autumn cruise, beginning at the end of August, it will all depend, we're taking things one day at a time

One good thing (well several to be fair) to come out of the few days bed rest. I discovered the following:

* I found a two-day intensive Tai Chi course at the local health centre (I've been looking for an intensive course to refresh the rusty skills for a couple of years). It's in mid-August and fits nicely with MWNN's plans to meet a group of former students at the end of July.

* Enforced idleness was productive on the writing front. Despite the absent Muse, I was able to finish the next chapter (and have material over for the following one) which is out for beta-ing. (Someone should put up the grammatical rules for that word, I'm never sure of some of its forms.)

* Gilbert and Sullivan at The Proms on Saturday. I thought it was going to be Yeoman of the Guard (my favourite), but that's relegated to the Overture (certainly the finest one) only. It's the gay pirate thingy - not to be missed.

* calove has put up the first three parts of a series set on Parliament Hill. This spot holds many memories for me, some good, some not, because I taught for a number of years at the girls' school which lies at the bottom of the hill on the Camden side. Go read - this is an example of stunningly fine writing.

PS - thanks to everyone who responded to the last entry, I'll try to reply when we get back from the dog walk.

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