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Colour me stunned

Look what popped into my my mailbox when I logged in. Winner in the Angst Category at the Love's Bitch Awards

::channels the inner Andrew:: I’d like to say thank you to my wonderful betas, especially bogwitch who’s having a rough time at the moment, to sockmonkeyhere for nominating me, and to everyone who voted a big, big thank you. ::ends inner Andrew channelling::

Many, many thanks to myfeetshowit for the words of encouragement to soldier on with Soul Searching I really didn't believe that anyone was reading and enjoying non-shipper fics. This has proved me wrong and lifted me out of the slough somewhat.

CDSers seem to have swept the board in round two. Anyone looking for a good Sunday read could do worse than mosey on over there; whatever your taste in fanfic, there's a fine CDS writer to be found in most categories.

Does this mean the Muse is back?

No! The bender he's on is extended to celebrate this award. He looks so pretty in the banner, it's gone to his head.

But the weather in France looks as though it's behaving itself next week, and barring new spanners in the works flapping in the hencoop in Dublin, we're heading boatwards next week. Just have to get a repeat prescription for the meds to replace the dwindling mega box I packed two months ago, change the dentist appointment booked for early August, and do a spot of shopping for provisions for the journey.

Right - off for a celebratory cuppa with the Sunday papers.
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