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Water flowing underground
same as it ever was
Would Necromancy help? 
22nd-May-2005 04:55 pm
pissed off
Does anyone use MSN groups? I have a couple of sites I want to update and I can't log in any more. I get a message saying there's a problem - nothing to do with username or password, because I can log in to passport.net which is where group managers live.

I've adjusted my privacy and cookies so that's not the problem either. And I'm getting no response from the help team.

I'm having the problem on both machines, so would someone like to have a go at logging in as me to test whether it's something to do with my settings? Otherwise, the next time I get a warning that the school group is about to be deleted, I won't be able to save it.

Mini Update on the Irish Outlaws

Unlike the nurses at the hospital where the Ma-in-law now resides. They've not only got this at death's door woman eating normally again, (only stuff prepared and served by MWNN, she'll have none of that plague-ridden hospital stuff - pah!) they've got her on her feet and walking. And that's before the first trip to the physiotherapy department scheduled for tomorrow. She's not allowed sleep her day away either. MWNN sat watching her sleep for an hour earlier today, until a nurse came in and said Don't let her do that and started prodding her, telling her 'none of that now. You'll have a cup of tea. Ah ye will, ye will, ye will.'

Do you think they'd loan me their copy of Necromancy for Beginners?
22nd-May-2005 06:11 pm (UTC)
I just went into one of my groups to check for you, and I signed in just fine. That doesn't really help, I guess :(
22nd-May-2005 08:09 pm (UTC)
Would you try mine, as me? Email me at this addy and I'll send the login details.
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