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Water flowing underground
same as it ever was
For the rain it raineth 
21st-May-2005 12:53 pm
knitting sketch
In one way I'm relieved that the French trip has been delayed so long. The weather has been piss poor and cruising conditions are not good. The rain is lashing down outside, bouncing off the conservatory roof and running in torrents from the neighbour's lean-to. The reports coming from jennylyle indicate that things are worse in France. The damaged lock prevented escape from the marina until this week and there is still snow on the mountains waiting to add to the water levels. Yesterday's bulletin described very windy conditions that led to collisions with other boats when mooring, and the port at Chalon sur Saone is closed until June.

On the other hand, I'm very twitchy. The desire to be back on the water is overwhelming at this time of the year. There's nothing more wonderful than the feel of a living river under the hull. The closeness to the elements is so uplifting. Even in the worst storms, when visibility is nil, there's a vibrancy that is to be savoured.

Roll on June 1st.

ETA - I got tired of waiting for ITunes to reinstate Cream on their available in the UK catalogue and bought The Very Best of Cream. £7.99 for 4 tracks that I don't have on CD . Mind you, it's Cream.
21st-May-2005 02:15 pm (UTC)
Did you get an enormous clap of thunder?
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