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Another Sleepless Night

What is it with the no-sleeping when MWNN is away? It was 6am this morning before I finally slipped into the Land of Nod. Needless-to-say, I wasn't awake before noon so was late getting stuff into the post for MWNN. ssshhhh He won't be pleased. . . . Don't tell him!

Spent a lot of last night surfing the web. Who likes Alice? (Lewis Carrol) The sainted daughter's BF is a multi-faceted chap. He's a self-confessed geek but he also writes. He has this wonderful website devoted to short pieces of prose, and pomes His self-inflicted challenge is to write a piece for every station on the London Underground. These are two of my favourites. Jabberwocky-spoof and anyone you recognise?

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