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Hotel is booked for the overnight

and we are finally on our way. This should be my last entry from good ol' Blighty for some time.

MWNN's plane touched down 15 minutes early last night, but even so I was there at the arrivals' exit to meet him, and he looked so glad that I was. He was absolutely shattered by the weekend. I thought he was going to say he needed a drink as he guided me over towards the cafe, but, no, he pulled something out of his inside pocket.

A little blue box.

Inside was a ring set with the most exquisitely dark blue spaphire I have ever seen. Now I'm not one for sparklies, preferring just my wedding and gold claddagh engagement ring to anything flashy, but I have let it be known that I adore sapphires - deep blue, not the anaemic pale ones. He'd arranged for one to be bought in Bancock while the family was over in Cambodia for the nephew's wedding. Of course, I'm never going to be able to wear it. The last ring with stones (chips really) in it was an eternity band he bought for our 25th anniversary. I lost that aboard the boat in the winter-of-pain back in 1995. But I'm touched, really really . . . .

And then this morning postie brought more presents - Science of the Discworld III, Darwin's Watch and Dead Beat. I'd ordered them to be sent next door because I was sure we'd be away when they were published, but the delays to our departure mean that I get to take them with me.

What a lovely way to start the day.


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