hesadevil (hesadevil) wrote,

Was going to update

But I'm too pooped. I was going to have a major rant about the increasingly stupid situation in Dublin but I'm too pooped even for that. Suffice to say, the news from Dublin is no better and Ma shows no signs of dying. She's even blaming the doctor who came out to her last week for making her sick.

The take-off for France has been put back to next Tuesday. Not because we believe MWNN will need to go over to Ireland, but because the power-struggle has taken its toll on him, and the late nights and carousing of last weekend have taken it out on me. Plus the weather in France is forecast to be dire.

My main gripe about the writing is I can't write Chapter 1. The Prologue came so easily, but the amount of exposition needed for the opening chapter(s) is defeating me.

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