hesadevil (hesadevil) wrote,

It was Real Player, not James

that killed my IPod, yesterday. I had to do a restore to get it talking to I-Tunes again. Then, after I'd allowed Real Player manage the Pod (recommended *raises eyebrow*), it wouldn't talk to I-Tunes again. I had to do a second restore and have not allowed Real Player to have its wicked way since. No problems at all today.

Despite the fact that calove and I spent a sleepless night (me=asthma; she=backpain), I'm feeling pretty chipper today for someone who had only 4 hours' sleep. Lots of good music on the Pod, laptop at the ready to play a film when I want it, and MWNN serving lots of TLS just when it's needed.


Oh, and Doctor Who was cracking last night, what with it's Buffy shoutouts. I half-expected Charles Dickens to start polishing his (non-existent) specs and mutter Ghost. Pffft. It's all balderdash and chicanery.

Think I'll go and watch Simon Callow again, in Amadeus, The Director's Cut. Anyone know if it was really him singing Papagena? I see from the cast list that the actor who played Wesley's father plays Mozart's father.

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