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Home again, home again.

The return journey was faster - much faster, but there was a lot of traffic for early Easter Sunday, and all the roads were extremely busy. MWNN had cooked a traditional Easter dinner, despite the fact that we'd agreed there was little point in marking Easter any more. I even got some chocolate for afters. No Easter Tree though. I'd brought two nesting boxes back from Glossop so we put those up this morning instead. Miggins's neighbour makes them. They're very reasonably priced and I was treated to the lecture about cleaning them out at the end of the season before he'd hand them over.

I have to comment on the first ep. of the new Dr Who - Wow!. I watched it expecting to hate Christopher Eccleston because I'd been rooting for ASH to get the part. But he was wonderful, funny and with an edge that reminded me a little of Tom Baker's Doctor. I was on board as soon as I saw the leather-clad arm grab Rose when she was being attacked by the Autons. The Tardis's new interior was pretty good too - very cathedral-like.

Like fenchurche said, it lost me only once, in the final scene, when the Dr is stuggling and Rose is staring and her Mum is cowering. It went on a tad too long and would have benefited from an edit. If the arm could throttle the living daylights out of the Doctor in an earlier scene, (which reminded me of Spike's fight with Muppet Angel for some reason)why were whole-and-entire Autons so namby pamby with him in that final scene?

I recorded the final episode of Cassonova last night for calove. Have to admit I blubbed during the final scene, having chortled the way through the flashbacks to Jack's younger self in England. His son turned out just as I expected after noting his reaction to watching certain things when he was a small child, but the revelation of just what sort of man he'd turned out to be was shocking, nevertheless , when it happened.

Last but by no means least HAPPY BIRTHDAY willowfae

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