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Water flowing underground
same as it ever was
I love my Mum 
18th-Mar-2005 04:13 pm
knitting sketch
She phoned me the other night to tell me she'd made plans for Easter Sunday. She knows I'm going up for the weekend and this was her way of telling me not to call on the Sunday and interfere with her plans. This comes only a few days after I'd spoken to her and she was adamant that she wasn't going to go out because she was afraid of falling again. Of course, she denied any knowledge of said statement but made it clear that she'd prefer I didn't go with her for her Easter lunch with her sister. Parents - huh - strange creatures.

My dilemma now is, I'm going to be away for the premiere of Dr Who on Easter Weekend. The clips and write-up in SFX mag. have got my anticipation levels soaring. Can I rely on MNWNN to tape it for me? (That's if he ever returns from the lunch appointment he went off to 5 hours ago, I think Sid may have eaten him.) Or should I make the effort to get back in time to watch it given that Mum's given me the brush-off for Sunday?

Sudden change of topic.

Hey - how come I've only just found out about this?

Was Carnivale ever shown in the UK?
18th-Mar-2005 04:43 pm (UTC)
It was on FX289 - the Fox channel on Sky

With regard to Dr Who - do you want me to tape it for you?
18th-Mar-2005 04:54 pm (UTC)
FX289 Is that a premium channel or in with the basic subscription package? I can't find it on either the Sky box or the NTL cable one (for which we are paying horrendous sums of money so's MWNN can have his fix of Discovery.

Please do tape the good Doctor for me, that way if MWNN misses it I won't have to kill him.
18th-Mar-2005 06:14 pm (UTC)
I get FX289 on the basic Sky, but not basic Telewest. And the first series of Carnivale was good. It's being repeated at the moment. Series 2 is due soonish.
18th-Mar-2005 06:16 pm (UTC)
...in fact, I raved about it on my journal last September. http://www.totkat.org/mt/archives/2004_09.html (entry of 20th)
18th-Mar-2005 06:43 pm (UTC)
And I missed it because . . .?

We weren't in the country at the time - again.
18th-Mar-2005 06:40 pm (UTC)
I get FX289 on the basic Sky

*Hides MWNN's subscription details before he can cancel them.*

What day/time is it on and do you have the channel number?
18th-Mar-2005 07:55 pm (UTC)
Ummm... no idea of day or time because TiVo does that for me. Oddly enough, it is channel 289. Fox were clever like that.
18th-Mar-2005 08:45 pm (UTC) - Oddly enough, it is channel 289
No? really? Who'd've thunk it?

It's academic anyway. Looks like we've lost the basic Sky package because the box hasn't been plugged into the phone line for a number of months. And now I've cancelled the BT line, it's not possible to plug it back in. The only NTL phone point is downstairs and the Sky box is upstairs.

*sigh* I suppose I'd better nag him to cancel the Sky subscription. No need to pay for stuff we can't receive.
18th-Mar-2005 05:10 pm (UTC)
Parents - huh - strange creatures.

Very! Between my parents and my mother-in-law I live in a state of constant bemusement. Sorry your mother's afraid of falling, my m-in-l has that problem too and it does restrict what she's able to do a bit now.

Carnivale was shown in the UK, but on a cable channel our Telewest package didn't give us. I keep hoping it's going to turn up somewhere else, but it hasn't happened yet.
18th-Mar-2005 10:01 pm (UTC)
my m-in-l has that problem too and it does restrict what she's able to do a bit now.

My ma-in-law's a good ten years older than my Mum and she hasn't left the house since she had a fall about seven years ago. It causes no end of problems for the family as she lives alone and the only daughter living in the same country is about 2 hours' drive away (more when the traffic is bad). It gives the lie to her I don't want to be a burden statement.

My Mum's a socialiser she likes going out. I really worry when she starts making reclusinve noises.
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