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Paris trip and other updates

The trip was a very difficult one that began with a 2 hour delay at the tunnel due to a fuel leak in one of the cars onboard. We were eventually all taken off and reloaded and the offending vehicle left on the platform awaiting repair.

The drive to Paris was in very difficult conditions - the French police had closed the Route Nationales to heavy vehicles (this explained Operation Stack on the English side of the channel that resulted in a backup of waiting trucks all the way to Maidstone.

The first disappointment of the visit was the restaurants MWNN had on the list to try on this visit. Chez Micheal at Arts et Métiers turned out to be expensive and nothing special was served. Cafe de Musique beside the Musee de la Musique had come highly recommended by Bonners. It was ouytrageously expensive and the food was poor. MWNN's starter soup was thin and both the main courses arrived cold. When asked to take them back, the waiter reappeared a few minutes later, having had them warmed up in the microwave to no avail, they were still only lukewarm. My beef was flavourless and disappointingly undercooked.

To make up for the disappointment, we lunched on the final day at Cafe Angelinas close to the Louvre. As usual, we had to queue but were rewarded with a lovely lunch - piping hot and flavoursome.

The most disappointing part of the whole trip was the attempt to get the pay-as-you-go Sim card from Orange Fr data-enabled. Does anyone know how to go about this? The sales people insist that we'd have to have a contract to get data, but I suspect it's more to do with the fact that we aren't asking the right questions. A trip to a France Telecom shop resulted in the Wap settings to be enabled. I thought this was going to solve the problem of data-enabling the Sim, but apparently not. I thought the Wap settings would allow me to send emails from the nokia without using the laptop but they don't seem to work as I can't send emails, despite having registered an email address. Anyone have enough French to ask how we data enable the Sim so that it can be used with the bluetooth port to turn the phone into a modem? Failing that, we'd be into massive bills for our English Sim to be used.

On a much happier note - on my return, I see that spikeylover finished the music vid I asked for calove</i>'s birthday, in record time.

And the anniversary gifts this year were a tad strange. I bought MWNN a replica human skull on e-bay. He bought me a tree from RSA Trees planted in my name in Fellows Wood, Derbyshire

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