hesadevil (hesadevil) wrote,

Happy New Year

Year of the Rooster

I'm cooking Chinese style tonight - sweet and sour pork with rice for me, noodles for MWNN

Call for help with a technical hitch
Still busily trying to sort out the comms for when we're cruising the French Waterways. All was going well until I tried to post an entry using the new system. Live Journal refused to accept the email. Does anyone know how I can work around the fact that the SMTP setting in my Mobile Office dialer is not NTL but the pay-as-you-go roaming provider. The setting is relay.NetAway.com . Is this the reason LJ won't accept an email post? Anyone any suggestions?

Or anyone willing to post my cruising log entries if I send them by email on a regular basis several times a week?

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