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The mouse was buried yesterday. I now have a brand new Packard Bell optical mouse, that has done away with the need for a mousemat. What am I to do with the lovely Moving On from Spike one with that gorgeous picture of JM?

Prorgress has been made on the mobile communications via the laptop. Thanks to NetAway, I can connect using any landline, anywhere in the world; and when Orange het round to data enabling the Sim Card in the bluetooth phone, I expect to be able to collect emails even where there isn't a landline. Fingers crossed that the new French Sim card comes data enabled, I'd hate to have to go through what I've just experienced in the UK again - in French.

So, mes amis, the next time we go a-cruising, I should be able to keep in touch and update the old LJ via email. The only thing I won't be able to do is surf the boards.

Unless . . .

Do you think OnSpeed will work over the mobile.

Oh, and the dialup service for NTL is playing up again. MWNN gave the go-ahead to them for broadband and was promised a phone call (before 4pm) from the engineers to arrange installation - two days ago!

And, last but by no mean's least Happy Birthday onetwomany. May today be filled with whatever your heart desires - and more!

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