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In response to a request by hobbituk, here's a pic of the two canine members of the narrowboat crew ,

Update on the home news front - MWNN has returned somewhat fatigued from the Dublin trip but has done some serious looking at the coms' bill for chez hesadevil and, guess what . . . he's decreed that we are forking out an arm and a leg for stuff we don't need if we get broadband.

Sheesh - it's only taken a year to get the message through. Just think how much we'd have saved on the two extra phone lines - that could have been spent on much needed . . .other stuff.

::ponders:: AtS Season 5 versus Extended Version LOTR Return of the King?

On a completely different note - for those who have neither the time, the skill, the patience, or the software package to make your own basic LJ icons - here's something that does it for you LJ icon maker, courtesy of lechatron

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