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NTL let me down AGAIN

Seems that the inability to connect to the Web is due to a faulty phone line. How did this fact come to life? Only after lengthy calls to customer services, where the average wait for an operator was 20mins and then an extremely expensive call to tech support (at 75p a minute from a BT line - admittedly after I'd complained that I wasn't payijg £14 a month to be ripped off by tech support costs, they granted me £5 credit on the monthly account). And THEN a further wait to talk to a o
phone support person who arranged for an engineer to call. When? next Monday afernoon .

After all that, I was further pissed off to discover that I can't dial in from the BT line either - that's a different ISP account, apparently.

So how am I able to be here at all? The trusty laptop is now attached to the other NTL phone line. I can't collect email, however, because Outlook Express is set to collect it from an IMAP server, on the PC. The laptop is set to nothing as it ws awaiting enabling for foreign use. (which is another thing MWNN has on the back burner)

MWNN really must look at rationalising all our home coms. There are far too many, costing far too much.

Other News

Killer Terrier had to go to the vet and is now on steroids again for an alergy that is affecting his rear end.

~optician was late for my appointment~ but the good news is = no change.

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