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Paris trip

It would happen today. I'm all geared up, ready to start packing for France and I wake up with a dose of cystitis and the lunatic GSD's ear is inflamed after her latest snorkeling session in the local stream. OK, change of plans - book GSD into emergency session with vet, obtain ear drops and ear cleaning fluid (eeeew, am I glad that I won't have to administer for a week)Dog/house-sitter will have to cope with one cranky GSD. However, Killer terrier is so happy he is going to see the new love of his life again. I tell him "soon, very soon".

On return from vet, phone human vet and beg for appointment - can't be done, conversation runs thus

Receptionist: he's fully booked, I can fit you in tomorrow
Me: But I'm going away tomorrow morning, early. Does he work before 8?
Receptionist: don't be silly, he's a doctor, not a security guard.
Me : can't he just write me a prescription?
Receptionist: without examining you? that would be highly improper. They do have doctors in France you know.
Me: yes, I know, but by the time I've found one, worked out how to tell him/her what is wrong with me, filled out all the forms to claim a refund from the NHS, found a pharmacist and cashed in the prescription, I'll have died of old age. Can I speak to the doctor?
Receptionist: he's with a patient, call back in half an hour.

Called back in half an hour: he's in a meeting:Receptionist I'll call you as soon as he's out.

One hour later, no call. I call reception again. - change of shift; new receptionist. I'm wise to their strategy now. Which doctor is in the surgery at the moment? It's my pet medic - he knows me - he responds to my training.

Me: Tell the doctor it's me and to write me a prescription for the same antibiotics he gave me last time. I'll call back in 30 minutes to see if it's ready.
- It IS. Aaahhh

Now I can settle down to some serious packing.
No updates for a week, but I'll come back with lots more Paris pics. (remembered to stock up on camera batteries this time)

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