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International language

I was going to update today with an explanation of the closing lines from my 21 facts about hesadevil from yesterday. However, an e-mail from the electronic greeting card site has just arrived, reminding me that next Tuesday is Mardis Gras. In England, we call the day Shrove Tuesday

This got me thinking about the use of language and how important it is when we communicate via LJ's to make sure that the international community understands what we mean by certain things. I have had some exchanges that quickly became acrimonious because of the cultural differences that were hidden by the fact that both participants appeared to be using the same language, English. My musings about the use of language actually did lead me back nicely to yesterday's final theme of Let it go! There are times when I'm on-line (and there were many times in my past while at work) when I have found myself in a heated exchange with someone. Emotions run high and conflict escalates to the point when the fallout from the exchange is out of all proportion to the matter that is in debate. It is at times such as these when I have learned (painfully slowly until recently) that it is time to let it go; to concede defeat or wave the white flag, or ask to just agree to differ; but to let it go. Once that is done, all is well, balance is restored. Although the poem is about a parent's view of a child growing up, two lines from that poem by C.Day-Lewis sum up my thoughts on this.

selfhood begins with a walking away, And love is proved in the letting go.

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