hesadevil (hesadevil) wrote,

New Year's Eve 2004

And 'tis time to take stock once more.

Having given up more resolutions than I make, I decided that this year I be doing a mainly what have I learned list.

On the negative side:

* Some people will never take sorting out their lives into their own hands and will go on causing misery to themselves and those closest to them.

* Zealots are not open to reason. (Not that I really ever believed they were.)

* The hearing loss I've suffered (along with the dicky lungs)since I was a child is due to neurological damage and can't be cured.

* If I don't look after my health with a little more R&R, I'm just asking for trouble.

On the positive side:

* It is possible to minimise the damage done by those at the top of the negative list without giving advice they're never going to take.

* On-line friends can become true RL friends, no matter what their age, creed, or nationality.

* There's this great device I can use with the telly to prevent others being blasted out by the over-the-top volume

* I've learned to juggle - wheee!

* And I've learned that I can write fiction and that it involves almost as much of the much-loved research as non-fiction.

And if this all seems a little self-indulgent, given what is happening in the world - these are the little things that impinge on the daily life in my little corner of the world over which I do have some control. And if I don't manage them, no one else will.

And on that note, I wish you all a Happy New Year. May 2005 bring you the peace, health and happiness for which you wish.

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