hesadevil (hesadevil) wrote,

Sssss! I'm supposed to be having a nap before serving the evening meal.

Things are about to get even more hectic than usual at
chez Hesadevil
as </b>the daughter </b> and BF have arrived. They are with us until Christmas Day when they toddle off to Reading for Christmas dinner.

So, here's me raising a glass to all Ljers, whatever you are during this winter fest and whatever you celebrate (or not, as the case may be.) A big thank you to witch_wolf for posting the entry on the Celtic Year. I shall be saving that for future reference.

sueworld2003,the fabulous CD you sent me has enabled me to pass on some of the CDS Christmas cheer to gamilla. She has been searching for links to clips that are no longer on the web.

estepheia, your card arrived this morning and I am looking at that fabulous town square with the market stall lights glowing, as I write this.

My thoughts are with those who are not having such a good time at this season of merriment; those who will not be with friends or family or who are sick or worried about loved ones.

For you, and for all who find the time to drop in over the next fortnight, there's a Christmas fic (co-written with bogwitch and calove just waiting to go up. First episode will appear on Christmas Eve, with an episode following each day until Epiphany.

I wish you all peace, health and happiness for the coming year.

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