hesadevil (hesadevil) wrote,

Early delivery from Santa

Postie arrived at an ungodly hour this morning and deposited a huge box in MWNN's hands. label looked German so we immediately thought irishnoodles had sent it.


Remember the folk we rescued when their boat was sinking and gave them the tow all the way back to the boatyard? They sent us seasonal gifts from N.Friesland. Boxes of Motzart chocs, marzipan, more chocs, coffee, more chocs, and, best of all

a stollen, - an all butter one.

MWNN loves marzipan and, despite good intentions every year, I never get round to baking a stollen.

Now, how to persuade MWNN that he really doesn't need all those chocolates?

I'm getting ready for the annual pre-Christmas R&R at Henlow Grange, starting tomorrow. Don't worry bogwitch and calove, chapter 11 will be done by the time I get back.


Waves at estepheia Recovered from the Celiidh? I can't imagine one without alcohol. It's needed to lubricate the joints.
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