hesadevil (hesadevil) wrote,

Feeling a little more human

Thank you to everyone who sent good wishes and favourite remedies for my icky stomach. I'm a little better today, although still not up to eating solids. Look at the new icon preetybird made me - and that was before she knew I was sick.

jennylyle Don't fret so much, you worrywort. There's nothing radically wrong with me that a good talking to and taking my own advice won't cure. I was a little too optimistic about shaking off whatever floored me in Paris in time to drive all the way North. You know me and my problem with travelling on public transport, especially the metro. Usually whatever hits me goes to my chest, but not this time. In celebration of your pocketmail device, I'm buying you more months on your LJ as a Christmas present. I can teach you how to post an entry to your LJ using email in France. We have Lyle's waiting on the boat to give him in May.

totkat MWNN has given you a bum steer. I don't have a DVD burner on the laptop, it's a DVD reader/CD burner. But then I don't need a DVD burner, do I?

irishnoodles You are a sweetie and I don't want you to go to any great trouble over this next request, but could you see if you could find me a snowglobe with Mad Ludwig's castle in it. We spotted some cute Eiffle Tower ones that had sparkly blue snow in them, in Paris, but I don't want the Tower, I want the castle. Please do your research on line and don't go rushing over to the island to search the gift shop - please.

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