hesadevil (hesadevil) wrote,

Off on the travels again - Sunny Manchester here I come.

Seems like I’ve just finished unpacking and I’m already packing again. Going North for a pre-Christmas visit to Mum and family. I’m hoping that the new Toll Motorway around Birmingham will make the trip a little less Hellish this time.

I’ve had no time to do anything since getting back. I was sick on the third day in Paris. I’d just taken a mouthful of hot gesiers salad at lunchtime in the Bastille area, when I came over all queasy. I’d ordered rabbit for the main course and couldn’t eat anything. I didn’t even finish the diet coke, just managed some sips of water. Madame was a bit miffed when the salad went back untouched, but when the main course was returned with no change at all to the contents of the plate, she twigged that I wasn’t well and the drinks were duly struck off the bill. Nice of her.

As a result, I’ve spent the last few days:

trying to recover,
write some more of the Christmas fic, (No, Cass, Boggy and I don'’ come to blows, we just have interesting discussions),
finish the Christmas cards
upload the Paris pics (just the ones of the shopping streets, the Napolean exhibitions will have to wait)
have the terrier’s rabies boosters done
plan the Christmas menus
do the laundry

There is still mounds to do and poor MWNN will have to soldier on alone until I get back on Sunday.

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