hesadevil (hesadevil) wrote,

Panic mode

'tis the weekend before we go to Paris.

1.30pm Sunday afternoon to be precise.

And I have nothing prepared. Before we leave at Dawn's crack on Wednesday, there is stuff that needs doing - because as soon as we get back, I'm off up north to visit my Mum, then away for three days with a friend. This leaves just the 17th - the big day to organise Christmas.

To Do List

1. Finish my chapters for the secret Christmas fic - at least in draft form.

2. Make Christmas cards for overseas and post those going to the land of Oz.

3. Write Christmas shopping list for France.

4. Finish cleaning/clearing the house - the upholstery-cleaner man was here on Thursday and now that the carpets and sofas are sweet and clean again, the rest of the house needs a good do.

5. Order the turkey from the local free-range farm, having not made the mistake of visiting the chicks and naming one of them this year.

6. Decide what to buy MWNN - how do you choose something for the man who has everything he needs? Think I'll change his name from Man With No Name to Man Who Has Everything He Needs. On second thoughts - nah! MWHEHN? looks like a character from a martial arts film.

Why do I fall for the hype every year? At least this year we've decided to spend a lot less money on Christmas wants presents for each other. But that shouldn't stop us celebrating the fact that we've come through another year more or less unscathed and are a darn sight better off than a lot of folk, should it? The spirit of Thanksgiving should be embraced by a lot more people, not just the Americans and Canadians.

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