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Big Day in Cambridge

The day in Cambridge went well, despite it being a Saturday. Made only one mistake at the intersection between M11 and A14 - took the wrong direction. WEll . . . you would have too, there were no signs for Cambridge on either choice so I tossed a metaphorical coin; had a 50/50 chance of it being the right one didn't I? The city of dreaming spires (oh sorry, wrong university town) was looking good in the early morning mist as I drove past the Cam with its narrowboats moored along the Backs. (*sigh* I miss the boat - roll on May)

the Backs

So, uneventful morning at the committee meeting. I had all the papers prepared for 10 and 5 turned up - better than not having enough, I say. The presentation in the afternoon went very well. I was humbled by the fact that 25% of my audience of 12 were over 90, and still firing on all cylinders. I kept the talk very informal and covered nothing about writing the book and everything about getting it into production with the aid of the internet.

Made a big point about the fact that now that the book exists, I don't feel that it is anything to do with me. The biggest kick I got out of the whole thing was the recreation of the school community, setting up the school website, and facilitating the reunion of so many old girls who had lost contact with one another. From a small community in a group of buildings in Manchester (now no longer there) to a much larger community on the www in a all four continents of the globe. That is something that continues to amaze and enchant me.

Sold another three books in aid of the FCJ missions in the Philippines at the presentation and gave a copy to the association. (Well there has to be some perks for the bloody author doesn't there?

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