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I am absolutely knackered. Haven't slept well all week and last night surpassed everything that had gone before. It was around 5.30am before finally dozed off, only to wake in a cold sweat at 7. Dropped off again and MWNN kindly let me sleep until after noon. Must be a guilty conscience that is preventing me from sleeping properly!

Or it could be that I give the presentation tomorrow and I haven't spoken in public since the day I spoke to the old girls' association about the possibility of producing the book about the school. (That was way back in 20001) Hope this is going to be positively the last public appearance I do and that I can go back to my real life, pp (post publication)

Gearing up for another trip to Paris to celebrate the *mumble* wedding anniversary. Well we don't actually celebrate the day of the formal marriage, we celebrate the day I stopped kicking MWNN on the shins and started doing other (nicer) things to him instead. From hate to love with one swift kick - heh!

One good thing about today. I swiped MWNN's PC speakers to test the theory that the rotten sound I was getting was my cheap, tinny little castoffs from the sainted daughter - Yay, I was correct. *puts padlock on MWNN's speakers to prevent him regaining possession*. Now I can watch all those lurvely DVDs from messalina with beautiful stereo sound.

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