hesadevil (hesadevil) wrote,

Update on the car purchase and the state of my lungs.

I took the Ford Mondeo Estate out for a test drive on Friday and have to admit it's got more poke than the Vectra around town. I wasn't up to taking the Vectra out when MWNN tested it, so was relying on his it handles like a pregnant cow \assessment.

Yesterday, having dosed myself up with the blue inhaler and had a hefty lunch to boost the blood sugar, I took the Vectra on the run I have always taken the cars I bought from the Vauxhall dealer. This involves driving down the coutry lanes to the motorway and then accelerating up the slip road hill onto the A1(M) southbound. I have to say, the Vectra was no different to the Astra on that run. MWNN reclined the passenger seat and had a doze while I drove to the next exit, turned around and went northbound to three exits on. This allowed for the real test of the hill approach to the house on the Roman road - it's steep. MWNN had approached it in third and had to push the rev counter over 3,000 to get it to maintain speed. I approached in 4th, at about 50mph and had no trouble. The rev counter never went over 2,500 on the whole test drive. I suppose it all depends on your driving style. I'm more used to the estate and don't push it.

Sanity prevailed and MWNN backed away from his preference for the performance Mondeo. We are now the proud owners of an almost new one of these - with dog guard and 12 months' tax thrown in.

And the lungs? Seriously considering trading them in for a new pair. Thanks for asking calove

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