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Tai Chi no more.

I was going to start again last week but I caught something nasty while in London for the Halloween Con. My lungs - tube trains - not a good mix. I spent most of last Monday blowing black gunk out of my nose and . . . OK, let's not go there. By Friday, whatever it was had developed into a full blown attack on the throat, the chest and finally the stomach.

And the Tai Chi, I'd tried my best, I really did, to keep up with what I'd learned last winter. But really, being on the boat for three months and not being able to get to classes except for the months November-April. It's not going to work, is it? So I've decided to go swimming twice a week instead. I mean, once you can do it, you never forget do you? There isn't much to the sequence for each stroke, and I tend to stick to breast stroke these days anyway. So, tomorrow, stomach willing, I'm off to the local pool for lane swimming.

Going to miss the Tai Chi though.

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