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This is not a rehersal, people.

The death of John Peel has made me reflect, yet again on Intimations of Mortality .

I listened to John from the very beginning of Radio 1. He has always been there, part of my life from childhood. I'm glad that he was able to have part of his long-awaited holiday. It would've been worse, somehow, if he'd died before that.

And, yes, his death makes me sad. More than that, it reminds me that, when MWNN had his wake-up call in the form of a false heart attack (it was pneumonia), in December '98. I made him a poster after he recovered, which he still has on his wall. It shows a narrowboat emerging from the morning mist, with the caption that I added - it reads Carpe Diem. We've tried to live in the moment ever since then.

I had a rethink about the tickets for Saturday. I'm going to try for one. This may be my last chance to see JM and DB performing live, on stage.

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