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It has arrived! My package has arrived! Postie finally surrendered it to me this morning. Oh my goodness, Messalina, what goodies it contains. Not only all those lurvely CDs but also some yummie goodies (which MWNN promptly confiscated saying I didn't drink coffee and they were definitely biscuits for coffee drinkers: he says do you want to adopt a SSD (Spike-suffering Dad)as the sainted daughter never sends him any yummie goodies.)

Have not yet finished stitching your little English gift, Messa, but, having received your generous one, it will not be the only thing winging its way to Berlin. Tell me, do you drink English tea in addition to those copious amounts of cappuchino you consume in the early morning?

Now I am going to have to find time to watch the 11 episodes of BTVS that haven't yet made it to the UK. When is MWNN away again? Damn, not until March *drums fingers impatiently* What can I do to persuade him to go sooner/stay longer?

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