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Water flowing underground
same as it ever was
There was a severe weather warning today and we certainly had a lot… 
21st-Oct-2004 09:15 pm
knitting sketch

There was a severe weather warning today and we certainly had a lot of - weather. Gales to be precise. Had to check all the fences before letting the dogs out. Poor Killer Terrier hates the wind - and the rain. He's not a weather sort of dog at all.

Apart from weather, the only other thing I had today was the 'flu jab.

Feeling a bit sore now.

And tired - first night MWNN is away I never sleep well. It was cornflakes and tea at 5am. Then breakfast TV with more tea. Then set the alarm so I didn't miss the medical appointment at noon. I did miss the morning though. Didn't wake up until 11.30, so the dogs had to wait until the afternoon for their walk, which was a short one, due to falling branches and the risk of trees crashing down on the track.


Did anyone find Hex very slow to get off the ground  last night? I became very impatient with it and started channel-hopping from Sky Mix to Channel 5, where Matrix was playing. Ugggh! Didn't realise Matrix was so yucky.

21st-Oct-2004 02:48 pm (UTC)
I watched Hex on the PC and I have to confess to my mind wandering to other things during it. That whole school felt like my Uni, just not as tatty.
22nd-Oct-2004 12:51 am (UTC)
Yes it was slow. I tried to watch it on Sunday but gave up after 40 mins. Thought I'd try again on Wed night and managed to get through it. At least the rest of the episodes are only an hour long. I'll give it another go on Sun night.
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