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Spent the whole day shopping. (At least, that’s what it feels like.)

I hate shopping. But I needed to find replacement boots for the Stonefly ones that were damaged in the A-over-T-down-a-riverbank incident in Chalon sur Soane. The boots saved me from a broken ankle but suffered damage themselves. The side seam eventually split and they started letting in the wet. Replacement boots are on their way from Sierra Trading Post (check out their site, I saved $100). Anyone know if I’m going to have to pay import duty on them?

Ahem – back to the shopping saga. MWNN and I did the grocery shop and then I found a lovely pair of Ecco boots in the local shoe shop. Unfortunately, there was a mark in the leather of the left one. I need replacement boots now, otherwise MWNN has to walk the dogs alone if it is wet. The manageress very kindly told us to go to the Ecco outlet in the Galleria (for my American readers - a shopping Mall in Hatfield). MWNN needed some things so we drove to Hatfield and spent the afternoon, and a lot of money. Items purchased;

Overtrousers - MWNN (needed)
Jogging pants – MWNN
Boots - hesadevil (needed) – Ecco outlet shop price £30 cheaper than shop.
Douvet cover - hesadevil
Vitamins - MWNN (needed)
Yoghurt covered raisins he tells me it is crystalised ginger – MWNN
Dried pineapple chunks - MWNN
Some ‘orrible looking nuts – MWNN
Salt cellar - MWNN

See any pattern? We’re a dreadful influence on one another. We should never shop together, even for food. We both end up encouraging one another to buy things we don’t need – but want. Remember the omelette pan? *raises eyebrow* jennylyle? Jen, you can probably read this because it’s a public posting. If you can’t see earlier entries, it’s because your computer is set to log you out of LJ every time you move to a new page. Log in to LJ and look at my LJ entries immediately. You should see the other filtered ones. If you don't, log in to LJ again

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