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Water flowing underground
same as it ever was
Spent the whole day shopping. (At least, that’s what it feels like.)… 
18th-Oct-2004 09:03 pm
knitting sketch
Spent the whole day shopping. (At least, that’s what it feels like.)

I hate shopping. But I needed to find replacement boots for the Stonefly ones that were damaged in the A-over-T-down-a-riverbank incident in Chalon sur Soane. The boots saved me from a broken ankle but suffered damage themselves. The side seam eventually split and they started letting in the wet. Replacement boots are on their way from Sierra Trading Post (check out their site, I saved $100). Anyone know if I’m going to have to pay import duty on them?

Ahem – back to the shopping saga. MWNN and I did the grocery shop and then I found a lovely pair of Ecco boots in the local shoe shop. Unfortunately, there was a mark in the leather of the left one. I need replacement boots now, otherwise MWNN has to walk the dogs alone if it is wet. The manageress very kindly told us to go to the Ecco outlet in the Galleria (for my American readers - a shopping Mall in Hatfield). MWNN needed some things so we drove to Hatfield and spent the afternoon, and a lot of money. Items purchased;

Overtrousers - MWNN (needed)
Jogging pants – MWNN
Boots - hesadevil (needed) – Ecco outlet shop price £30 cheaper than shop.
Douvet cover - hesadevil
Vitamins - MWNN (needed)
Yoghurt covered raisins he tells me it is crystalised ginger – MWNN
Dried pineapple chunks - MWNN
Some ‘orrible looking nuts – MWNN
Salt cellar - MWNN

See any pattern? We’re a dreadful influence on one another. We should never shop together, even for food. We both end up encouraging one another to buy things we don’t need – but want. Remember the omelette pan? *raises eyebrow* jennylyle? Jen, you can probably read this because it’s a public posting. If you can’t see earlier entries, it’s because your computer is set to log you out of LJ every time you move to a new page. Log in to LJ and look at my LJ entries immediately. You should see the other filtered ones. If you don't, log in to LJ again
18th-Oct-2004 01:19 pm (UTC)
Love your icon it's ver cute!
Yoghurt covered raisins sound yummy but Dried pineapple chunks sounds.... ewwwwwwww!
18th-Oct-2004 01:20 pm (UTC)
*very.... even :)
somebody teach me to use the spell check option, please!
18th-Oct-2004 01:26 pm (UTC)
Messa! *tackles you and bear hugs*

I like my ver cute icon too. (not to worry, I have a dislexci dyselx keyboard that can't spepll spell too.)

The hand is faster than the brain - hee!
18th-Oct-2004 01:41 pm (UTC)
*tackles you back and smooches ya all over*

not to worry, I have a dislexci dyselx keyboard that can't spepll spell too
Hey... I am german but not stupid... I know when somebody is making fun of me... you are making fun of me, right? RIGHT?

LOL! *hugs*
18th-Oct-2004 01:48 pm (UTC)
No, no, no - not making fun - honestly. I really do mean that my typing is so fast that I regularly make spelling mistakes.

Your English is excellent. Does spell check work in English or German on LJ?
18th-Oct-2004 01:59 pm (UTC)
I know you weren't making fun... that was my attempt at being funny... LOL. If you would have heard me say it... well, ok... it wasn't funny. ;)

Spell check works in english, thank the godessessess!
18th-Oct-2004 01:31 pm (UTC)
Want to make me a new icon? I need one to go with the fanfic I'm writing. I have a banner, but need an icon with more characters on it.
18th-Oct-2004 01:37 pm (UTC)
I feel very ashamed to say: I haven't read your fic yet. *bows head in shame* But it's on my to-read-list! I am very unpatient with WIPs. So I usually just wait until they are finished.
I would love to make an icon for you. Tell me what you would want to be in it.... or maybe even better: I will just go and copy your fic to my laptop now, so I can read it in bed tonight!
18th-Oct-2004 01:53 pm (UTC)
It's been nominated for an award.

hesadevil's lack of modesty coming to the fore here.

There's no smut in it, you know. Not a snog in sight. There's a little bit of teasing, but that's it.

So I can save you the bother of reading it all (all 51,000 words, 16 chapters up at fanfic so far) and tell you the main characters are Spike, Angel, Connor. Wesley plays a large part, too, then Fred. Gunn and Lorne have lesser parts. These are the characters I would say are included in the term family. Will they all fit in an icon?

18th-Oct-2004 01:57 pm (UTC)
Will they all fit in an icon?
LOL... I don't know, lol! Would have to give it a try!
No spuffy? Were is my Spuffy? My inner Spuffy needs feeding. And I am not a big fan of smut anyway, so that's ok with me!
So is it an AU fic? cause I haven't watched the last 2 episodes of Angel yet. So if it's AU I can read it, but if it's gonna spoil me for the end of Angel, I will have to wait until I watched the episodes
18th-Oct-2004 02:05 pm (UTC)
It's not really AU, it's set between Damage and Origins. So I won't be spoiling the ending of AtS. I've the final chapter to write yet and the penultimate one is with my betas.

There was never any risk of any Spuffy happening. I wanted Spike to kill the bitch after Seeing Red. But don't worry, he still loves her.

I've been told that I write him very well, and there's a funny scene where Harmony re-does his hair and nails for him. Perhaps you might enjoy it after all.

Looking forward to your icon. I know how much you enjoy making them. Do a couple. Give me a choice, one with just the three main family members S/A/C, and one with all of them.

Please, pretty please.

19th-Oct-2004 10:50 am (UTC) - Dried pineapple chunks
Message for "xxmessalina" - dried pineapple chunks, apricots and ginger and plums from Seeberger taste delicious. You should try them. Aber nur die ungeschwefelt Aprikosen.

Greetings from Chiemsee
19th-Oct-2004 10:53 am (UTC) - Re: Dried pineapple chunks
You're on-line!

Log in to MSN messenger.

And stop talking to people in German. You'll only encourage them!
26th-Oct-2004 08:42 pm (UTC) - Re: Dried pineapple chunks
you're funny - you've just made me laugh!! J.
18th-Oct-2004 02:11 pm (UTC)
Ooh the dreaded Galleria! I never seem to buy anything there (as long as I keep out of the bookshop).

18th-Oct-2004 02:22 pm (UTC)
I went in to see how much Going Postal (Pratchett's new Discworld book) was. It was more expensive than Amazon and we had less than 5 minutes on the parking ticket, thank God, so I couldn't browse.
18th-Oct-2004 02:23 pm (UTC)
Browsing. Dangerous that.
18th-Oct-2004 04:18 pm (UTC)
If you order anything worth more than $40 from the USA, you will be hit for import duty. And if it isn't being delivered locally by Royal Mail, you will also get hit for an "administrative charge" for collecting the duty of around £10 even if you pay the bill electronically.

Always do the sums when ordering outside the EU as to whether said item really is cheaper after shipping, import duty and various handling/administrative charges.
18th-Oct-2004 04:29 pm (UTC)
The saving included the cost of shipping. Stonefly boots are over £100. These ones cost £41 including shipping. Fingers crossed the import costs won't come to more than £50, then.

19th-Oct-2004 04:42 am (UTC)
Should be less than that, yes :o)
19th-Oct-2004 09:47 am (UTC)
And now for something completely different - do you know the whereabouts of Paul (of Paul and Karen)? MWNN contacted him over a week ago with an offer of work for us on the garage conversion. He hasn't yet responded and he was very enthusiastic when I made my initial approach.
19th-Oct-2004 10:39 am (UTC) - Boots
I am very very pleased that you have found the Stonefly Boots. Buy them, it does not matter how much they cost, they saved you from a broked ankle - so pay the duty and anything else that comes along with it.

Why get wet feet when you can afford to buy good boots and you deserve them anyway. So now ......

Lots and lots of love
19th-Oct-2004 10:51 am (UTC) - Re: Boots
Buy them
Have done!

Wet feet and me - not a good mix, as you know.

*hugs to you and MWNN(mark2)
19th-Oct-2004 11:06 am (UTC) - Boots
Just had a look at the boots - they are very pretty.

I thought "Stonefly" boots were like mountain boots, maybe I should have sent you a pair of mountain boots from here. Mine are light, not very pretty, and watertight.

19th-Oct-2004 11:53 am (UTC) - Re: Boots
My Stonefly boots are pretty. That's why I bought them in the first place. I like to have a pair that will do service as dog walking boots and smart casual boots. That's the narrowboater talking. Everything aboard has to fulfill dual functions - saves space.
26th-Oct-2004 09:19 pm (UTC)
Do I remember the omelette pan??? - I will never forget - there's no getting away from the fact that you are a very bad influence when it comes to shopping - and I LOVE you all the more for it - that way, when I shop with you and come back with all the shopping that I do not need, I can blame you and then I don't (hopefully) get into too much trouble from you-know-who. Long live the shoppers of this world!!!!

At work now and can't get into your locked entries - help me please - and do you know that at home I only have 2 entries - yes, only 2, from your lj on my site!!! - WHAT am I doing wrong? J.
27th-Oct-2004 01:43 am (UTC)
help me please - and do you know that at home I only have 2 entries - yes, only 2, from your lj on my site!!! - WHAT am I doing wrong? J.

You're not doing anything wrong. It's either your service provider settings or your computers. You need someone who knows what they're doing to get your settings right for you and show you how to stay permanently logged in to your LJ account on both computers. Until then, no Spikey-goodness icons for you - and I've made some drool-making ones.
27th-Oct-2004 03:42 pm (UTC)
Boo hoo - there's no one to ask - there is not one person I know that has even heard of a live journal let alone uses one - please wriggle your nose and come over here immediately!!!! - oh, if only it were so easy - how lovely that would be. J.
28th-Oct-2004 12:36 am (UTC)
It's nothing to do with Live Journal - it's all about your computer settings and then the options on your LJ log-in page.
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