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Today should have been one of R&R and of getting to grips with my two needlework projects. Messalina I am sewing a little piece for you in readiness for receipt of the CDs you have sent me. (I am seriously suspicious of Postie now as there is still no sign of the package.)

However, the best laid plans of mice and men and all that . . . My printer having let me down yesterday, my sound system has now gawn AWAL. No amount of tweaking the settings or configuration would remove the distortion and I spent the afternoon wincing at what should have been the beautiful sounds of The Beautiful South. (It didn't help my sewing fingers at all and I spend some time unpicking knots caused by twisted threads.) I have decided to re-install both Real Player AND Power DVD to see if that solves the problems. ( I trace the fault back to my LOTR DVD and the configuration it demanded - buggerit those Orcs get everywhere.)

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